[information ]Symposium on Development, Environment, Human Rights and Peace in Asia

The Asian Development Bank, or ADB, has provide a loan, technical support or the like to development projects for the purpose of “Asia Without Poverty” since its inception. However, on the other hand, not a few residents’ groups or organizations, NGOs or social movements have been denouncing problems like displacement or eviction, environmental destruction, more debt, etc. triggered by those development project, demanding that the ADB or Japanese government should listen well to affected local residents or communities.

The 50th ADB Annual General Meeting will start in Yokohama on May 4. In addition, the meeting of the RCEP which is drawing more attention from the Japanese society because the TPP talks are running on the rocks, is planned in Manila early in May following that in Kobe Japan in March.

Considering those circumstance, we will check at this symposium what the past development-supports, activities of financial institutions, the whole concept of trade agreements have brought on people’s lives, human beings, and environment in Asia. Besides, we or activists from the different parts of Asia including Japan will consider together in terms of justice how we could design the future of Asia and relationship among people and what support the ADB or Japanese government should be desired or requested in Asia. The plenary session will be on May 2, and separate meetings on May 3, where the issues of water, food, climate change, debts, labor, etc. will be discussed.

On May 4 when the ADB AGM will kick off, we will stage a demonstration near the venue.

May 2 (Tues) 18:30-21:00: Plenary Session
[Place] Bunkyo Civic 4th floor Hall
 1 min’s walk from Korakuen Station on the Marunouchi-line, Nanpoku-line, 1 min’s walk form Kasuga on Mita-line or Oedo-line, or 9 min’s walk from Suidobashi on the JR Sobu-line.

-       Afsar Jafri, Focus on the Global South, India
-       Hemantha Withanage, FOE Sri Lanka
-       Kazuoki Ono, People’s movement opposing the TPP, Japan, talks on “Collapsing villages and people – Considering Japanese rural villages affected by globalization”
-       Malou Tabios, Asian Peoples Movement on Debt and Development, Philippines

<Day 2nd>
May 3 (Wed) 15:400 – 21:00, Separate meetings
[Place] Bunkyo Civic 3rd floor, Meeting rooms A and B
Room A: 15:00-17:30
Climate change and coal powered energy
Speakers: Hemantha Withanage and others

Room A: 18:00-20:30

Speakers: Afsar Jafri and others

Room B: 15:00-17:30
Development Finance and Debt
Speakers: Malou Tabios and someone from PSI-APRO

Room B: 18:00-20:30
Food sovereignty
Speakers: Arze Glipo and others

*For details, see the following blog:

Organized by the Planning Committee of Symposium on Development, Environment, Human Rights and Peace in Asia joined and collaborated by ATTAC Japan, Focus on the Global South, Asia-Pacific Network for Food Sovereignty (APNFS), Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES), FOE Japan, PSI-APRO (Public Services International Asia-Pacific Regional Office), People’s movement opposing the TPP, Asian Peoples Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD), People’s Plan Study Group (PPSG)

Phone: Yoko Akimoto, 81-90-9824-9081

<Day 3rd>
May 4 (Turs)
14:30, Meet a square in front of JR Sakuragicho station
15:30, March for Development, Environment, Human Rights and Peace in Asia starts.
March from the square in front of JR Sakuragicho station toward Minato-Mirai, and turn to the left through Bashamichi to Yamashita Park.
Distance: Some 2 kms. Takes one hour from the JR Sakuragicho to Yamashita Park.




日程: 5月4日(木・祝)



【イベント案内】アジアの開発と環境・人権・平和を考えるシンポジウム 「Climate Justiceと石炭発電融資」分科会


「Climate Justiceと石炭発電融資」分科会


アジア開発銀行(ADB)の第50回年次総会が5月4日~7日に横浜で開催される。アジア地域においてパリ協定等の気候変動に関する国際合意の適切な実施を確保するためには、開発資金ドナーとしてのADB、アジアインフラ投資銀行(AIIB)、中国、日本の責任は極めて大きい。特にCO2排出の極めて多い石炭火力発電等からの早期脱却が不可欠な中、同分野に多額の資金を提供してきた公的金融機関の動向が注目されている。本分科会「Climate Justiceと石炭発電融資」では、海外のNGO担当者を招聘し、パリ協定実施におけるADB・AIIB・中国・日本の役割と責任について議論する。




分科会開催団体:「環境・持続社会」研究センター(JACSES)、気候ネットワーク、国際環境NGO FoE Japan




- 開催挨拶(国際環境NGO FoE Japan、深草亜悠美)

- Climate JusticeとADBの責任(FoEスリランカ、ヘマンサ・ウィサネージ)

- ADBと日本の金融機関による石炭融資(JACSES、田辺有輝)

- AIIBと中国の金融機関による石炭融資(CEEバンクウォッチ、王娃娃<ワン・ワーワ>)

- 質疑応答








5月4日から横浜で第50回アジア開発銀行(ADB)年次総会が開催されます。 また、TPPの頓挫の後、注目が集まっているRCEP(東アジア地域包括的経済連携)の会合が3月神戸に続き、5月上旬にフィリピン・マニラで開催されます。



[場所] 文京シビック4Fホール[内容]
-「アジアの公正な貿易を目指して-RCEPを中心に」アフサール・ジャファリ(Focus on the Global Southインド)
-「ADBと食料主権」アルゼ・グリポ(Asia-Pacific Network for Food Sovereignty (APNFS)、フィリピン)
-「ADBがもたらした不平等と債務」マルー・タビオス(Asian Peoples Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD))
[参加費] 1,000円(事前申込不要)、英日通訳付き[定員]100人

5月3日(水・祝)15:00-21:00 ワークショップ(WSによって時間帯が異なります)
[場所] 文京シビック3F会議室A、B
A: 気候変動と石炭発電(ヘマンサ・ウィサネージ、CEEバンクウォッチ他)15:00-17:30
B: 貿易(アフサール・ジャフリ他) 18:00-20:30
C: 開発金融・債務(APMDD、PSI-APRO他)15:00-17:30
D: 食料主権(アルゼ・グリポ他) 18:00-20:30

[参加費] 500円(1日通しです)
[定員] 各30人

[主催]「アジアの開発と環境・人権・平和を考えるシンポジウム」実行委員会(参加・協力団体: ATTAC Japan国際ネットワーク委員会、Focus on the Global South、Asia-Pacific Network for Food Sovereignty (APNFS)、「環境・持続社会」研究センター(JACSES)、FoEジャパン、国際公務労連アジア太平洋地域事務所(PSI-APRO)、TPPに反対する人々の運動), Asian Peoples Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD)), ピープルズプラン研究所